Friday, May 1, 2015

Summer Camp 2015- Mission Without Borders

Every year between May and July, Mission Without Borders organizes summer camps in each of the 6 Eastern European countries they work in.  These camps are organized for children living in institutions, children's homes, or children from poor families who are enrolled in the MWB programs.

"I have never before eaten such beautiful food!  My heart and tummy are full for the very first time."

These 5 or 10 day camps include healthy meals, Bible lessons, outdoor activities, and an evening chapel service.  Many of the children say they have never eaten so much delicious food in their life!  They are given the opportunity to learn and grow both physically and spiritually in a safe and organized environment.

A couple of quotes from the 2014 summer camp attendees:

"I have to say that I liked everything that has been done in the camp..I had a great time and I hope to come again next year."

"In this camp I learned that God loved me..I learned that prayer is very important..."

(quotes from Mission Without Borders Australia letter) 

Around $125 will send a child to camp for 10 days.  Any gift will assist this life changing experience for the neediest of children.  US donations can be made securely at the Mission Without Borders website.

Were you able to attend summer camp as a child?  What was your favorite memory?

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