Monday, March 23, 2015

"Thriving Not Just Surviving" Family Sponsorship in Ukraine

In 2014, Ukraine's inflation rate was 25% over the entire year.  However, due to the unstable economy, this can vary wildly month to month.  For example in January of this year, inflation grew at a  rate of over 28%!  In February, this increased to 35.5%.   

Mission Without Border's work in Ukraine is centered in some of the poorer oblasts in the west with headquarters in the city of Rivne.  Many of the family sponsorships are located in these regions or a little north near Sarny.  Child Sponsorship work is widespread in state homes throughout western Ukraine.

Today I want to focus on one family in Ukraine.  The Roman family (name changed) is a family with 4 children in one house.  The father, Peter, is a mechanic but due to the deteriorating economy can only find work as a night watchman.  The pay is minimum wage (about $107 a month).  The mother stays at home with the younger children.  They have a small yard where they plant vegetables and raise pigs.  MWB sponsors have provided the family with monthly essential supplies as well as mattresses for the children.  This winter they were able to heat their home with peat blocks brought by the mission.  Even with the state benefit provided for the younger children, they would not have been able to have a heated home without help!
By the water well, by Konstiantyn Trutovsky  a Ukrainian realist painter

The family lives in a crumbling three room house.  They purchased this house 13 years ago with the dream of renovating it.  The plaster walls are crumbling.  Water is drawn from an outdoor well and the toilet is outside.  Sadly, the last 13 years have not been good to Ukraine's economy or to the Roman's.  The house has not been renovated due to the expensive building materials.  Thankfully one of their sponsors has stepped in and has offered to help them buy concrete blocks, building supplies, and insulation.  Peter has poured a new foundation and  the rebuilding work will begin this spring!

Many more families in Ukraine are languishing under a depressed economy and the effects of war.  Family sponsors are matched to individual families who need a hand up.  Maybe you would like to be a helping hand to a family in Ukraine.  Help them reach their dreams of a warm home, healthy kids, safety, and an education.  Be the rung in the ladder that they can grasp onto and lift themselves out of poverty.

If you are not able to help financially, there are many ways to help.  Pray for peace in Ukraine!  Pray for the innocent families who are suffering due to the war and its aftermath.  Spread the word about Ukraine and the needs of people there.   

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