Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is your dream vacation? #Giveaway

When you think of a dream vacation what do you think of?  Many people long to laze on the beach catching the warm sun and cool waves.  Maybe you dream of that trip to Disney World or some romantic trip to an exotic locale.

My dream vacation would be more along the lines of a dream adventure.  I would love to be able to travel across Europe- a few days in London, then off to Albania, taking a bus or train north through the Balkans to Romania and Moldova.  Ukraine is on my to-go list as well. The Cyrillic script would be a challenge there (as well as Russian aggression).  I would love to take thousands of pictures, take my laptop and update this blog daily, and meet some special people along the way.  

The main goal would be to travel to Albania and see my sponsored child.  I would also like to see the work of World Vision and Mission Without Borders in that country before heading north.

Ideally, I would have a month or so to traverse across Eastern Europe.  But I would be happy with a couple of weeks.

What is your dream vacation?  Any hopes or plans?  Don't write off anything as impossible because only God knows the future.  Keep hoping, keep saving, keep dreaming.

Along those lines, Hallmark Hall of Fame is giving away $3,000 for a dream vacation.  It's open only to US residents.  This promotion is run by Hallmark.  I have no affiliation or say in this giveaway. This is a referral entry- when you enter I also get an additional entry!  

I've told you where I want to go.  Now you tell me!  Tell me in the comments.  Please enter this giveaway and maybe someone's dream will come true!

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