Monday, June 15, 2015

Vocational Schools in Moldova.

This video is a few years old but shows how Mission Without Borders is involved in equipping and providing for some vocational schools in Moldova.  I hope Mihai will be able to attend a well funded and well equipped school.  He said he wants to be an operator  (an operator of what was lost in the translation).

I called the US headquarters of Mission Without Borders and started the process of trying to see if there is any way to continue to help him.  It just seems unfair/not right to send him out at the ripe age of 13.  Yes, he is continuing his education.  Unfortunately so many things are out of my control and the mission's control as well, as the schools are government run.

So now it's wait and see.    I am getting a package of things to mail to Igor.  Since he's in kindergarten I don't expect he'll be able to read anything.  Crayons and stickers would mean more right now.  So I'm assembling a small package to mail out soon.
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