Wednesday, August 6, 2014

School, shoes, and shipping!

I remember the winter of 1992.   The team from the Last Days Ministries DTS (Discipleship Training School) were on mission in Romania- my first overseas trip.  The mountains of Transylvania are cool even in summer but in winter..well cold is a constant.  Add to this that the "dorm" was, well, inadequately heated.  Cold inside, cold outside. I'm not complaining.  In the early years after the revolution everything was hard on everybody.  But my feet were warm (thankfully) because my parents had purchased a pair of insulated snow boots for me.  And boy did it snow- every day!  But that little investment made a world of difference.
Chisinau in winter

Going back farther into time.. the 1980's.  We had to ride the bus to school every day.  As happens, during the winter some days were rainy, cold, snowy- or a combination of all three!  But the bus driver allowed us to get on the bus early instead of standing and waiting.  He parked in an elementary school parking lot near our bus stop while waiting for his time to depart.  

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.  A act of kindness that brings warmth.

Poor children and orphans in Eastern Europe need warm shoes to be able to attend school this fall.  I know how the temperature can drop in Romania during the winter and snow fall all night.  many poor children have one pair of shoes, if even that.  I recently read a story of a young girl in Moldova who has to share her one good pair of shoes with her mother.  It is especially difficult for this family in the winter.


A shoe manufacturer has donated a 40 foot shipping container full of new shoes to Mission Without Borders.  That's over 26,000 pairs of new shoes!  This is enough for over 100 average size orphanages.  This is where you and I can help.   They need to raise just over $7,900 to ship this container to Eastern Europe.  $30 will send 100 shoes.  I know someone has the ability to donate the full amount needed but until then every donation helps!  Every dollar will help send over $99 worth of new shoes to those who need them most.

In the US you can call 800-245-9191 or donate online at  Thanks!  
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