Monday, July 7, 2014

News from Moldova. A new family and an update..

Last month I received the annual updates on M, my sponsored child in Moldova.  I was so happy to hear that he was able to attend summer camp!  His favorite subjects now are physical education and art/crafts. Based on that update info, I have a feeling he had a blast at camp!

View from Hotel Cosmos, Chisinau
I also heard that I no longer will be able to support the C family.  The mission has decided to focus on the northern areas of Moldova due to various factors.  But, they have made arrangements with local churches and governments so that the C family (as well as other families) will be assisted in their journey to self sufficiency.

I was assigned a new family- and what a family!  They have 6 children at home with 2 grown sons.  Life is difficult for them but I look forward to seeing lots of baby steps forward as they move towards a better life.  If you would like to assist a family towards a brighter future, you can visit Mission Without Borders and have a look around!

And speaking of baby steps (the Dave Ramsey kind).  It's been a two steps forward, one step back kind of month here.  I lost one shift at work which will slow the getting out of debt and going to Albania process down a bit.  It ultimately came down to working Saturday overnights.  I had to stand my ground and say no, hoping that an arrangement would be made and I would be free and rested for church on Sunday mornings. Well, no arrangement has  been offered so I essentially gave up a shift.  But I had a wonderful Sunday morning.  Well rested, I went to the early 9 am service, and walked at the zoo afterwards.  Then a nap, lunch and work this afternoon.  This is a much better schedule for me though.  So I need to tighten the belt and find ways to make up as much as I can (beans and rice time!).

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