Thursday, January 23, 2014

#SNAP Shopping Day

Wow is it cold out there!  I was very behind in my laundry this week and had several heavy towels to be washed so I skipped the Wonder Washer and headed to the laundromat this afternoon.  And I seriously thought I was going to get frostbite.  My hands were freezing- even with thick gloves!  I pressed on though because it's only going to be colder tomorrow.  The windchill is expected to be -15 tonight!

It is nice to have all my clothes clean and dry though.  The next thing that needed to be done today was grocery shopping.  I was out of bread, milk, and peanut butter.  So I left for work early via the bus and stopped by Krogers.  I forgot my list but knew that I needed 21 meals for under $20.  And I think I made it work.

First of all, I am so glad I went to Krogers!  I was tempted to go to a closer to home store that was a little more convenient.  Kroger, however, has once again beat the pants off the competition in price and quality of produce.  I was able to get 2 yellow squash, a gallon of milk, 4 frozen lasagna (single serving), tater tot casserole ingredients ( 1 pound ground beef, frozen tots, frozen vegetables, and cream of mushroom soup), country ham pieces (for bean soup), 6 eggs, and bread for less than $20! I have a 2 pound bag of dry beans that I plan on soaking tomorrow and make some bean soup with ham.  I think this should last me more than a week.  And it's reasonably balanced nutrition (grains, veggies, milk, protein in almost every meal).  I did forget peanut butter.  But I'm through shopping for this week.  The frozen lasagna was on closeout for just 79 cents each- and it's vegetable lasagna too!  So it pays to be flexible.

So how are you handling the cold?  Staying inside or braving the weather?  I have a new giveaway that started yesterday.  It's part of a giveaway hop and my prize is your choice of 2 canisters of gourmet hot chocolate!  The PERFECT way to stay warm in this crazy cold weather! So be sure to enter!
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