Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursdays (and #Thanksgiving recipes!)

I am so thankful it's Thursday!  Thursdays are the one day of the week where I have nothing pressing that must be done.  Laundry is done.  Groceries are bought. No evening plans.  If I do something (errands or entertainment), it's because I want to- not because I must.  Today I'll be reading in Leviticus which, honestly is not my favorite part of the Bible.  The details can be overwhelming and, well, boring at times.  Numbers, census figures, clan names,etc.  In Genesis and Exodus, I saw how God is involved in the broad brush strokes of history (thousands of years in a few chapters!).  Maybe the details given in Leviticus prove the other end of the spectrum- that God is very interested and involved in the details of history.  Nothing escapes His notice or plan!  Definitely something to be thankful for!  What are you thankful for today?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in 21 days?  If you've never cooked before or have lost a loved recipe, I have found a site that has a lot of links to classic recipes for Thanksgiving.!  Check out Amazon's Thanksgiving recipe page.  While you're there, keep an eye on those daily deals!  They change daily-even hourly- and I've seen some pretty awesome gifts there.

Disclosure: the Amazon links are affiliate links.  I'll get a small commission from each sale- should you decide to buy from Amazon (please do!)  I'm trying to get some money together for a special project for my sponsored family in Moldova.  Frankly, the numbers are pretty sad now (only about $16!) but I'm hopeful that, over time, a decent project (clothes, windows,something awesome) can be funded.  Every bit helps and I appreciate every purchase!

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