Friday, September 20, 2013

The #SNAP Challenge Day One

Sorry I accidentally deleted this post but was able to retrieve from email and repost it!

I mentioned yesterday that I had $3 left over from my weekly shopping trip.  I decided to "purchase" a few items I have in my pantry already.  Remember that the whole point of this challenge is to only consume what you purchase during the challenge (with the exception of condiments like mayo, vegetable oil, ketchup, margarine, etc).

I am admittedly a caffeine addict.  Seriously.  But this challenge precludes any fountain drinks (or outside food or drinks).  To solve this crisis of caffeine, I "purchased" a box of 100 Great Value (WalMart) tea bags ($1).  I also purchased a box of store brand rotini ($1) and a jar of store brand pasta sauce ($1.09).  Now I have used my weekly allowance in full.

I work at nights so my eating (breakfast/dinner/whatever) is a bit erratic and unpredictable.  This morning I ate (item/calories/cost)

        • one banana          105 calories           22 cents
        • 4 slices of bread   280 calories          24 cents
        • yogurt                  80   calories          40 cents
        • Miracle Whip      40 calories             not included
        •  3 slices turkey     60 calories             74 cents
Adding up to 565 calories at a cost of $1.60 for "breakfast".  I drank water since I was still undecided about the tea.

For dinner I made a large pitcher of unsweetened tea using 6 teabags (6 cents!) Also

  • 16 ounces milk          180 calories          36 cents
  • 2 baked potatoes       556 calories         70 cents
  • hardboiled egg           70 calories           16 cents
  • 1/2 bag frozen veggies 120 calories        65 cents 

Consuming 926 calories for dinner at a cost of $1.92 (including the tea- excluding the vegetable oil I rolled the potatoes in prior to baking).

This evening I brought a 1 liter water bottle filled with unsweetened tea to work along with one serving of mini carrots (35 calories, 40 cents) and 2 servings of store brand honey toasted oats cereal (220 calories, 24 cents).  I used a measuring cup for the cereal as I am trying not to "estimate" anything.

This should provide 1746 calories at a cost of $4.11 for the day.  This is within my recommended calorie intake (according to Calorie Count) in order to lose about 1 pound a week.  My stomach feels empty right now (right at the 24 hour mark) but I am not "hungry" and I don't feel any loss of energy.

Conclusion for day one. So far this is do-able..but it does require planning, a little extra work, and being creative.  I put beans in my crock pot to soak for this weekend (NO eating out allowed!) and will turn that box of pasta into 2-3 reheatable meals tomorrow.  I will be away from home for 3 days this weekend (at work) so there will need to be meals prepared in advance.
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