Monday, June 24, 2013

Missions Monday! Summer Camp in Albania (and a giveaway!)

What are your favorite summer memories?  I never had the opportunity to go to a summer camp but when we were kids we did go spend a week and our grandparents every year.

It's funny how I remember a lot of small, quirky things.  A week in a big farmhouse out in the country.  We always had Honeycomb cereal for breakfast and chocolate milk to drink.  I would read for hours in the upstairs bedroom that used to be one of my uncles.  Reading Trixie Belden books (that had belonged to aunt Diana) and staying up late to watch Johnny Carson on a small black and white TV.  Oh and riding go carts and swimming and playing with cousins.  The week seemed like an eternity.

Childhood memories are funny like that.  The smallest details stick out.  The happiest times get amplified.  I remember going to a county fair and I remember it being the best time but the only detail I remember is the tilt a whirl ride blaring "Gloria" (so that dates the memory to 1982 or so).

The point is that many of us had happy childhoods- or at least some happy memories from childhood-that we cling to.  Very few children growing up in orphanages or from poor families in Eastern Europe have such positive memories.  So Mission Without Borders hosts one week summer camps where children can have fun, eat great food, learn about Jesus, and just be kids!  These camps are starting right now and are only made possible by the generous support from donors.  You can help with a special donation or- even better- regular monthly giving.  And pray that these kids would take back great memories and a growing faith to their homes and schools this fall.
Now for the GIVEAWAY!

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