Monday, June 10, 2013

Missions Monday. Special Gifts Help A Family in Albania

One of the benefits of a family sponsorship with Mission Without Borders is knowing that care is received on a case by case basis.  Once basic needs (food, clothing,and hygiene items) are received and the family gains stability, the mission is able to work with the families to determine what they need for long term self sufficiency.  Sometimes this will mean quality seeds and tools so a family can grow their own food.  Chickens or a pig can provide additional income as they are raised and sold.  Mission Without Borders works with the family to determine their greatest needs and sponsors are given the opportunity to give toward those needs.

My sponsored family (in Moldova) needs new windows for their house, a stove, and clothing and shoes.  Hopefully this month I can get some prices and be able to help a little towards these needs.  Pray that I can get a few extra hours at work (or win the Better Homes and Gardens giveaway!).  The family is so hard working and right now is separated because the mother found work- in another country!  But she is now 1700 miles away from her children.  Hopefully, this family can be reunited and self sustaining in the near future.  I hope and pray that this will be soon.

If you use the links on this blog when you shop at Amazon, that will also help a little.  And every little bit helps!  Thanks!

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