Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesdays in the Word: What I'm Reading

I am slowly working my way through "Who Do You Think You Are" by Pastor Mark Driscoll.  One negative comment on Amazon was that this book contains "nothing new".  I hope no Scriptural book would contain anything "new" but would faithfully interpret and apply Scripture to daily life.  I had to prepare a sermon on a text in Ephesians years ago for a college class.  I wish I had focused more on the overall theme of Ephesians- what God has done for us and who we       are in Christ.

" Christians, our identity is not found in our sin but in Christ's righteousness"- p 35

I am not my sin.  I am not my failures.  In Christ, I am a saint- holy and pleasing in His sight.  Not by anything that I have done but because of what Christ has already accomplished for me.

So, nothing that I've read is "new" but it's the old, old story that I (being a spiritual amnesiac) need to be reminded of daily.

On Monday, I was reading in Genesis (trying to get caught up on the ten list bible reading plan) and I was (again) struck with what awful sinners the patriarchs were.  "Liars, cheats, thieves, and adulterers.  Yet You used them to accomplish your purposes.  You chose a people for Yourself and have saved us by Your grace."  If God can use them, He can use anybody!  Even a sinner like me.  And that gives me hope.

If you are like me and need to be reminded of the Gospel on a daily- moment by moment basis-  I have two recommendations.  First, listen to the Word of God daily.  I downloaded a free mp3 Dramatized New Testament from Faith Come by Hearing.  It's perfect for listening on the go (I ride the bus so I have longer commutes and wait times).  Secondly, listen to the gospel set to music.  My church has been blessed with talented musicians who produce great gospel-centered music that we use every week.  I have a couple of mp3 downloads on my iPod- one of which is the hymns of Isaac Watts (father of modern English hymnody) that have been reset to modern music styles- jazzy, folksy, and even some bluegrass!  I am giving away one CD and you can enter here.  So check it out!

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