Friday, May 20, 2011

Albania in 2013!

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I just received another letter from K my sponsored child in Albania today!  I have been sponsoring him for 4 years now and it's neat to get pictures as he grows from almost a toddler to second grader.  I sponsor K through World Vision and I have a big announcement..  I am planning on visiting him in Albania in 2013!

I know you're thinking 2013??  A lot can happen between now and then.  I agree.  However, I had a good friend once tell me that you always need to have something to look forward to.  Short term and long term.  I have a goal of paying off all credit card debt by the end of 2012.  This is a very real possibility.  But money just doesn't move me emotionally.

I need something more..

I need an adventure- a challenge with a specific target in mind.  Achieve this goal (pay off all credit cards) and this is the tangible reward- a semi-exotic vacation and seeing the awesome work God is doing in K's life.

Albania may not be a safari but it's exotic for me.  The language barrier is huge.  That will be something I'll try to make progress on next year.  The words are unpronouncable (Romanian is phonetic which is nice!).  I also hope to hop a bus and visit Durres, the base of operations for my good friends at Mission Without Borders.  They also do a wonderful work there with families and children in need.  

Right now I'm thinking the trip will be 7-10 days.  It's more expensive to get to than Romania so that would be a factor in the length of stay.

When in 2013?  That's still up in the air.  If, as planned, I pay off all credit cards by December, I would like to save and pay cash for most of the trip.  Based on $100/day (which is probably too much) expenses, this would bring the costs to about $1900-$2200- about 4-6 months of careful savings.

Anyhow enjoy the 'exotic' video.  The flag is the Albanian flag (although it looks like the flag from our high school production of 'The Mouse That Roared').  More details to come..

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