Thursday, October 7, 2010

Care for new mothers in Albania

 Some information on maternal health programs

"Mild malnutrition appears to be prevalent in the country, which, by reducing the body’s ability to combat disease, contributes to the high percentage of child deaths. Over the years, Mission Without Borders has been involved in improving the medical conditions at four key Medical Centers: Ishem, Maminas, Drac and Rubekja. These four villages are in the district of Durres city. The facilities have been refurbished, and we have committed to providing the supplies for their ongoing material needs. The beach communities of Durres makes up the focus of our work, mainly because of the stressed poverty level and extreme neglect of the existent medical centers there. Durres is the second largest developed city in the country with a population of 200,000 inhabitants. Durres has undergone a demographic boom lately with people from the northeast of the country settling there. Being a seashore city its population is very vulnerable to illegal human trafficking, prostitution and child abuse. We are presently seeing our vocational education projects as a great help in the economical and social growth of the target group we help. Seventy two high school students in Durres city have been certified every three months for their elementary computer skills gained in the computer courses organised by Mission Without Borders, Albania. The English Courses have also been considered by the families of the students as ” a great economical help in the nearest future.” Support for the poor families of this community has resulted from the sewing courses for mothers, as well as through our Family to Family, MotherCare and Vocational Education projects. The most considerable support Mission Without Borders Albania supplies is emotional and spiritual support.
Our Christian Outreach Program is also fulfilling its goals in bringing hope to the poor and needy, and through our Christian Literature and Christian Ministry, people are beginning to see a brighter future."

Families and children are available for sponsorship at the U.S. website.
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