Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Images from Jubilee Romania (formerly Inasmuch)

After returning from Moldova to Bucharest, I was privileged to be able to revisit the Jubilee ministry (founded as Inasmuch by Ron and Sue Bates- pictured above).  The director, Nelu Nica, graciously picked me up at the hotel and gave a  grand tour of the massive renovations.

Dynamic living spaces (imagine if you will mini trailer homes with bedroom, kitchen, and baths) had been donated and installed by church groups from Ireland.  This has enabled the girls who have jobs to learn to live independently and have privacy (several work all night shifts and sleep during the day).

The girls sign contracts, are required to maintain and clean their trailers and pay a nominal “rent”.  This is the first step toward independent living- one of the goals for the girls who are able.
DCFC0427 Instead of one large dorm room, the building has been remodeled and now 2-3 girls share a room and 2-3 rooms share a full bath.  The girls now are able to have more privacy and more responsibility as they have chore/cleaning lists.
There is now a large dining room where meals are shared communally.
There is a chart on the wall with prep and clean-up duties.

I was really impressed with the renovations.  There is more work to be done and Nelu cast a vision for the home and its purpose- to care for the needy and outcast (some of the girls have issues that cannot be overcome such as retardation), sharing the gospel with the girls, and giving them skills to rejoin society (several of the girls have jobs now).

Pray for their continuing financial needs.  Food, heating, a cook, providing for staff needs-all this adds up.  More info can be found on their webpage and they also have a Facebook page (I think you can just search for Jubilee Romania).
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