Thursday, May 13, 2010

Easter Show- Mission Without Borders Moldova

Spectacol Pasti 214-1_84

The entire school was able to watch a play that effectively communicated the gospel through drama and comedy.

Spectacol Pasti 214-1_40

Somebody needs to lose some weight.  Here I am snapping away trying to preserve memories of this great day. By the way, I have lost 15 pounds since this trip :)

 Spectacol Pasti 214-1_45

 Mission Without Borders assists orphans, needy children, and families in numerous projects throughout Moldova and Eastern Europe.  Some of these children are orphans; some are “social orphans” whose parents cannot care for them so they live at the boarding school and only return home during holidays (if at all).  By combining sponsorship funds, Mission Without  Borders sponsors an entire home,  ensuring each child’s needs are met, physically, emotionally, and spiritually (through Bible correspondence courses, visits by local churches, and drama presentations like this).


Thanks Natasha for sending these pictures and guiding and translating so I could visit Mihai and the Turcan family.  Natasha works in the Bible correspondence department, following up with the many children who have enrolled are are progressing in their courses.

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