Sunday, January 22, 2017

Warm Meal and God's Love Served Daily!

Berat Albania
On Monday, I was able to visit a Mission Without Borders supported soup kitchen in Berat, Albania. Around 60 homeless, elderly, widows, and poor come for a hot lunch served 5 days a week at a local church. MWB provides the funds for food- even the dishes! Volunteers from the church cook on ovens and kitchen equipment donated by believers in Norway. People are coming to Christ and being spiritually and physically fed because of this partnership!

Ways to get involved:

Pray for the work of Mission Without Borders, the family coordinators, and the church partners. A winter prayer guide can be found HERE.  It's a lot of work looking after 25-30 or more families, making sure their immediate needs are addressed in addition to helping them plan and take steps for self sufficiency.

One time gift: You can give toward providing one hot meal every day for a needy poor or elderly. This is a lifeline in many communities where Mission Without Borders works. There are other gift options as well (wood for fuel, school supplies, Bibles, or a Bible correspondence course!)

Family Sponsorship. I've seen the effectiveness of the Family sponsorship program this past week. When possible, Mission Without Borders will walk alongside a family in crisis -toward a path of self sufficiency. Assisting them with monthly food and other needs, the coordinator works closely with the family to set them on the path to self sufficiency. The goal is "graduation"- a family that is able to provide for their own needs, working hard and able to share with others in need (Ephesians 4:28). There is a clear time table and frequent evaluations as well. This is no handout- but a hand-up- to a family in crisis.

Any gift is welcome and I've seen the effectiveness of the work this past week. As one coordinator put it, we are all "pieces in a puzzle". When each piece fits into place (donors, workers, churches) the result is a beautiful picture! The mission statement of Mission Without Borders is

"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of people out of poverty
into a sustainable future"

What part can you play in this?

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