Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hincu Monastery

After  the visit to Nisporeni, I was asked if I wanted to visit a monastery. Excited and anxious to get many good pictures, I quickly said yes.  We walked about the  expansive monastery and were even able to go inside the new construction.  Hincu monastery was shut down by the communists in 1944 and its monks/priests jailed.  It was only reopened in 1992 and is the process of rebuilding.

These shrines(on the right) are all over Moldova's roadways, typically next to a well.   This was at the monastery but is typical of many that I saw en-route to Nisporeni and Telenesti.

A life size statue of Christ carrying the cross was at the top of a steep hill.

The new cathedral is nearing completion.

The church bells are in front of the new (copper?) dome which will top the church.

Inside the massive building

More pictures and stories to come soon!
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