Sunday, January 17, 2010

60 days before departure

I am finalizing my plans for the trip to Moldova in 2 months- the only unpredictable thing (I hope) being the weather. I am still looking online trying to find a place in Chisinau that sells bulk candy (gotta have something for everybody when visiting the childrens home).   Heard from a Peace Corps worker in Chisinau that its hard to avoid bulk candy there!  I am going to pack light, possibly only a carry on, again all counting on spring-like weather.

I have found a Romanian Christian bookstore online (finally!). This bookstore is actually in Romania-just 3 hours by train from where I will be arriving (Bucharest). I ordered one book as a gift and they accepted my order with shipping to the US, so I'll just have to wait and see how fast/not so fast it will take. The book is Millard Erickson's Christian Doctrine (seminary version- over 1000 pages!) My church has used it in bible studies. The giftee (who I hope to meet- but that is still up in the air) is an itinerant evangelist with 5 kids. So a good theology book will hopefully be helpful for him I hope.

I want to get the Chronicles of Narnia in Romanian- the books are smaller and I could mail them (fits ministry guidelines etc). I'm just not sure about the reading level of Mihai but I intend to find out in March.

Altogether, today has been a very productive day.

Praying for the people of Haiti..if you are able to give something please do so to Christian relief agencies. If not (above all- keep praying)

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