Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family Sponsorship in Moldova

Every month Mission Without Borders assists poor families with parcels containing food, hygiene items,and/or clothing in several Eastern European countries.  Each parcel is specific to a particular families needs (some may receive necessary medicines, wood for heat,  etc).The Family sponsorships keep families together (preventing institutionalization of children simply because the parents cannot afford them) and helps the entire family on the road to self sufficiency.

Every winter Mission Without Borders prepares larger parcels for Operation Christmas Love.  These 26 pound boxes provide many food staples, candy for the children, and knowledge that someone cares for them.  Over 7000 boxes were delivered in Romania alone.

I co-sponsor one family in Moldova. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet them last March.  It is a joy to pray for (and with) a family who is working hard to serve God in a difficult economic climate.

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