Monday, December 22, 2008

I love AAA

When the temperature outside is below zero (F) and the windchill is -10, you should never leave the house without being bundled up in coats, scarf, gloves etc. Needless to say, that's exactly what I did when I went to church last night. No coat- nothing. BRRRR!

I was fortunate to find a close parking space, the sermon was great (Romans 16 and Christmas) BUT after the service while driving home I heard a thump thump thump of a flat (shredded)tire.

Thankfully, I have AAA. I guess I could have called friends if needed but it was an easy call. (I have them on speed dial on my cell phone). AAA Rescue Rangers (I kept looking for Chip and Dale but they didn't come) arrived in 1/2 hour, changed the tire in 5 minutes (much faster than I could have- if I'd had a coat, gloves and jack), and I'm on my way. This afternoon, I get to buy 2 new front tires.

So I guess I am grateful for AAA (though it's always an unpleasant experience that brings us together), VERY thankful I was on a side street plodding along at 20 MPH when it started thumping (not on the interstate), and glad there are tire stores on almost every corner in Louisville.

Other than the unexpected expense, it turned out to probably be a blessing in disguise. I needed new tires anyhow. Now I just need to find time for Christmas shopping (ONLY small items this year- most will be going to Mission Without Borders Operation Christmas Love and other charities- it's Christ's birthday celebration). But small items are the hardest to shop for- if I had $1000 I'd be finished in a hour.
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