Monday, February 6, 2017

Winter Rescue in Moldova...

Tonight they are predicting snow showers and a low of 30 F in Chisinau. The older I get the less I like cold weather and the accompanying snow and ice. It just complicates life and causes high utility bills and headaches. I am thankful to have a warm apartment to come home to though. There is nothing worse than being cold and not being able to warm up- whether it's because of illness or lack of indoor heat.
 Many families in Eastern Europe are still dependent on wood stoves for heat- one more battle for struggling families as they struggle to keep the fire going. Mission Without Borders  is providing firewood, warm clothes, blankets, and boots to needy families and children in Moldova and the other six countries they serve in Eastern Europe. If you are warm right now, say a prayer of thanksgiving. And say a prayer for those who may not be.

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