Sunday, December 18, 2016

One week until Christmas! Operation Christmas Love Update #OCL2016

Christmas is in 7 days! Operation Christmas Love parcels have been packed and are being distributed in Eastern Europe as you read this. I want to do my part to make sure this project is fully funded and have set the modest fundraising goal of $400. That's enough to fund 10 OCL parcels for the neediest in Eastern Europe.

 I just added up my and commissions and we are now at $358! I have updated the thermometer accordingly. If you are doing any last minute shopping or traveling, won't you consider using these links? It costs you nothing but the commission is helping to make sure needy families and children have the food they need and bring some Christmas joy to an otherwise bleak life.

I know reaching the goal is a long shot but it really isn't impossible! I have seen $20-$30 commission days before (I check nearly every day) I want to thank those who have shopped on Amazon and other sponsors. You made this possible!  I have no way of knowing who you are but I really, really appreciate it!

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