Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Baby it's cold outside!

It's cold over there (and here!) Ultimately this is the main reason why I can't pop over to Moldova in January. There are quick flights from Tirane but the extreme weather differences would be a packing nightmare. Albania (at least Tirane) typically has temps ranging from the mid 30's F to low 50's so a jacket and pullover should be sufficient for the week. Right now is Chisinau it is in the teens (Fahrenheit) with snow on the way. Winter is just not a good time to visit.

Throughout the winter, many families that Mission Without Borders serves in Eastern Europe are in a battle to stay warm and keep their children healthy. Many homes are still heated with wood. Even homes that have gas or oil heat aren't always kept warm due to lack of money to pay the bill. I am so thankful that my utilities are now included in the rent now- no gas bill surprises in January or February! I am blessed with a warm home to go home to in the morning. Many are not.

Today, you can help families in Moldova stay warm by donating to Mission Without Borders. Operation Winter Rescue is coming up soon- with the goal of meeting the critical needs of families to stay warm during the bitter winters. I'll share more on that later. Meanwhile, there's 12 days left until Christmas! Are you ready??

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