Monday, February 16, 2015

Cold winter nights, work, and Audible audio.

The southeast has been slammed with snow and bitter cold temps.  Today we received about 7 inches of fluffy snow.  Thankfully, it was not mixed with sleet so it was easy to dig the car out and get to work.  And that is where I am.  I was called in 3 hours early and am trying to pass the time on an unusually slow evening.

That's when I remembered my audio books.  I have subscribed to and have accumulated a small library for my Kindle.  My purchased books are always mine, stored in the cloud for easy downloading, and it is the perfect way to pass a cold evening.  This evening I am listening to a dramatised reading of "The Hobbit".  I've read this book before so I'm just leaving it playing in the background while I work.  The reading is over 19 hours so I don't plan on finishing this evening.

I am working though.  The salt has made a mess of the floors so I've been mopping and am waiting for them to dry (my snow boots would mess up a wet floor).  There is much more cleaning to be done later. 

What do you do to pass these cold winter nights?  Are you snowed in?  If you are a fan of audio books (or have never given them a try), I have a deal for you!  You can get two free audio books from and a FREE 30 day trial!  You can cancel anytime so why not give it a try?  You've got nothing to lose and a new way of experiencing books to gain.  Just click on the Audible ad on the right, sign up and start enjoying your audio books today!

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