Saturday, February 14, 2015

Letter from Albania! Feeling warm all over giveaway.

  A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from K in Albania!  He is now in the 7th grade and has grown so much in 7 years (going on 8).  He was able to go to the World Vision summer camp last summer and enjoyed it a lot. 

Thanks to a Christmas bonus, I was able to send a small gift before Christmas.  With the help of the World Vision coordinator, he was able to buy needed groceries so that his family could celebrate Christmas and New Years.  He said that they would not have been able to buy these needed foods otherwise.  This was sad but the fact that they were able to celebrate and have good dinners makes me very happy. 

Getting a letter from him makes me all the more determined to stay focused this year and save.  Pay off debt and make plans for an Albania trip.  I have no idea when this could happen as there are too many variables but I do know that it will happen someday, God willing.

Tonight is bitter cold here and getting colder.  I am ready for spring!  How about you?  To help you keep warm during this awful cold, I am giving away a tin of gourmet hot chocolate!  This will be a short, easy entry giveaway.  The prize will be shipped via Amazon so US addresses only for shipping.  If you are overseas, I am willing to email a $10 Amazon gift card in lieu of the hot cocoa.

If you complete the mandatory entries, there are also 75 (3x25) optional entries!  I check the links daily- if something's not working please let me know!

You can enter daily!  Ends on 2/28/15.

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