Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#GivingTuesday Warm Hands and Warm Hearts.

Last month my gas and electric bill skyrocketed to over $70!  I can hear many of you chuckle.  I am blessed with a small apartment and I turn the heat down when at work. We (at least in the US) are also blessed with low utility costs (relatively speaking of course).  

I can't imagine what I would do if my heater went out!  Snuggle under a pile of blankets but sooner or later, I have to get up and work, cook, and do errands.  I enjoy cold weather and snow- but I especially like coming in out of the cold into a warm house.

Last January, I received a newsletter from Mission Without Borders telling stories of extreme cold in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe.  Living in extreme cold is not impossible but you have to be prepared!  For many families, this means purchasing firewood for a small brick stoves.  Not the most efficient form of heat but you make do with what you have.  A winter's worth of wood costs about $169.  Sounds pretty cheap doesn't it?  Unless you subsist on a pension or make $13 a week, like Petru.

Petru is a father of 4 in Moldova.  Raised in a children's home, he has (and is) overcoming disability (he has been deaf since birth), come to know Christ through the local church, and has a loving wife and family.  He is a hard worker, hauling goods in a horse drawn carriage.

Operation Winter Rescue assists families like Petru's get through the winter with firewood, warm clothes and water proof boots. Sometimes a better solution is a new stove.   $352 can purchase a cast iron stove which is 33% more efficient and will benefit families for years to come.

Many families are struggling with cold weather and need assistance, both here and abroad.  On this Giving Tuesday, let's not forget this essential need- warmth.  And think about how we can help those who may need a little help during these difficult months.

If you're able to help families struggling in Eastern Europe, you can visit the mission website. Operation Winter Rescue is an "above and beyond" effort which assists families who are not currently enrolled in assistance programs but need help to make it through the winter.  So every gift helps!

And please stop praying for snow.  You know who you are!

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