Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hanging out with family on Saturday nights

After being sick the first week, and missing the bus the second week (actually I was at the bus stop on time- early in fact- but the bus didn't come-but I digress) I finally made it to the third 5 pm Saturday service.  It is all the way out on the east end of Louisville (40 minutes by bus) but it's a service I can attend regularly with my church family- just at a different campus.
I was amazed to see well over 100 adults in attendance (remember this is only the third Saturday night service!). I don't know how many children were in children's church.  Lots of new people (honestly I didn't know a soul although I recognized one face).  Definitely fewer young singles- fewer hipsters.  But that was okay because what kinds us together is so much stronger than ethnic, marital, or socio-economic status.  Faith in Jesus Christ binds us into one community- one family.  And family is good.

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