Monday, June 20, 2016

Early stages of planning.. Saving $15 with

I like to plan travel..almost as much as I like traveling itself. Almost. I enjoy finding the best prices, the best places to stay, where to eat and how to get there. I have to say that Google has disappointed me on this trip because there are no street views for Tirane. When I went to Moldova, I was able to see where I was staying and immediately noticed the grocery stores and banks all within walking distance. Albania will be less planned- definitely more of an adventure.

I am still waiting on my background check and passport. I expect to have both within 6 weeks. I was able to find a hotel in Tirane for the week. is HUGE in Europe and while I wanted to book direct, this proved to be a good option to find a smaller, affordable hotel that had good reviews. I was able to book 7 nights for $186! It's not the Sheraton but with food and taxi to and from the airport I am looking at a daily budget of $43 a day so far. This doesn't include any gifts or souvenirs or the 12 hour layover in Rome.

If YOU are planning a summer getaway, you can find close to a million hotels, resorts, B and B's, and hostels on If you book a room using this link, you can save $15 on your booking AND I will receive a commission which will go toward this trip to Albania. I certainly appreciate any help I can get!  Thanks!

You can also download a free app for your smartphone!

Have you ever used If you have, was the experience good or bad? If not, would you if you could save $15 off the best price? Bibles in over 200 Languages

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