Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mission Without Borders: Soup Kitchen in Bosnia.

Have you ever wondered when you made a donation to a non-profit or church what really happens with that money?  In a fallen world, there are many scams and that can lead to suspicion/doubts (and on a positive note, accountability).  Independent news stories always lend credibility to any organization.

I love scouring the internet for good stories or news reports (God knows we have more than enough bad news).  So here's some good news from Eastern Europe.  It was from a news broadcast of PTPC, which is a Croatian broadcaster.  This somewhat long story (almost 8 minutes) talks about the needy and soup kitchens in Bosnia (technically the Republika Srpska within Bosnia and Herzegovina).  The broadcast specifically mentions the assistance of Mission Without Borders and their work to keep these soup kitchens open and stocked.

It is a longer news story but if you are tired of all the bad news, you might want to watch this!  Did you know that a month of hot meals for an elderly or needy person can be given as an alternative gift for Christmas?  For only $48 you can honor a loved one and give a gift that makes a lasting difference in someone's life.  There are other gift options available as well!  Check them out HERE!

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