Sunday, September 9, 2012

All because of a warm meal..

Maria is 79 years old.  A widow in Moldova, every day is a constant struggle to survive.  Winters in Moldova can be harsh and cruel. For three years running, she was frozen out of her home and was forced to take refuge in an institution for the elderly. 
The old age pension in Moldova is about $26 a month. When I visited Moldova in March, a small loaf of bread in the grocery was about 50-75 cents.  Many other food products were higher-comparable in price to American prices. You can imagine, then, how this meager pension barely covers the cost of food.  There is nothing left for heating or clothing.  Tea is a luxury.
Poor diet and cold weather often lead to illness.  In Moldova, a hospital stay costs $10 a day- not including doctors bills and medicine. Fear and loneliness can take over easily.
However, Maria has started attending the Mission Without Borders community center.  Since she began attending, “she found a community that has given her a new lease on life”. 
“My life has changed,even at my old age!”
Every day, Maria, and many like her enjoy a warm meal and fellowship at the community center. She has started attending church and bible studies at the center.

“It’s wonderful that, even though I’m old, Jesus has found me.”

“Maria has now found Christ  She has a purpose to live.  She is treated with dignity and respect- all because of a warm meal”
During the winter months, cold is everywhere and there is little relief for those most vulnerable-children and the elderly. Mission Without Borders has a special winter appeal-Operation Winter Rescue- to provide heat, warm coats,gloves and hats, and food to the neediest during these difficult months.

You can help!

Simply log onto their secure website or call 800-245-9191 

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