Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mission Without Borders UK » Prayer request for the Community Centre work in Bulgaria (originally posted at www.mwbuk.org)


Seven new Community centres located on the premises of local protestant churches open their doors to poor elderly and underprivileged people offering a daily warm meal, Bible lesson and atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. Protestant churches in Bulgaria have long been defined by Bulgarian society as Christian cults. Over the past years church public initiatives have served to decrease the negative attitude however most people are suspicious when it comes to practicing Christians. The partnership under the Community centre program has enhanced the contacts with local authorities and served to build a positive image of the church in local communities. Please, pray for the partnering churches, for the pastors and their families – for protection, wisdom and fresh anointing. Pray for the churches to have the wisdom and guidance how to shine the light of Jesus Christ through various locally relevant actions. Pray for church congregations as source of volunteers for MWB projects; for people to be open and willing to serve God by supporting the joint ministries.
Pray for the Christian ministry coordinators to be able to respond to the needs of beneficiaries, to have grace in the communication and building of relationships, to have wisdom in the aspects of their ministry to the poor and neglected. May God inspire them to strive for the further development and diversification of activities in the centers.  We experience God’s grace and mercy every day as we see His action in the hearts of the 130 beneficiaries. We continue to pray for more open hearts to receive the Gospel, for transformed minds and changed life circumstances. Join us in prayer as we ask God to call His sheep and draw them to the local churches where they would find their place of belonging.

Mission Without Borders UK » Prayer request for the Community Centre work in Bulgaria

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