Friday, November 28, 2014

Investing in eternity

(Written Sunday night, 11/23)

Sunday nights are a bummer.  I don't know why exactly.  I think that going from the church service, (with all the praise, Scripture, exhortation, and communion) back home, then to work creates an emotional let down of sorts.  The normal grind of life is just that normal, often boring, sometimes very frustrating.  In general, life in a cursed world is always an exercise in frustration (to a greater or lesser degree).  Even during the best of times, we know deep down that both the emotions and reality are transitory.  Good or bad, "this too shall pass"

The only things that will last are investments in eternity- in the lives of real people by reaching them with real the real hope of the Gospel and with what they need for daily and long term survival.

“God has set eternity in the hearts of men” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Everyone wants to do something that will outlive him/her.  That's why millionaires give donations to hospitals or museums to have a wing named after them.   While you or I may not be able to fund the World Food Programme or start a Gates Foundation, there are ways that we can "outlive ourselves". By making strategic gifts to "help people help themselves" together we can create a better future not just for the here and now but for generations to come. 

A few ideas...

Mission Without Borders MotherCare program (click for a quick video) provides medical advice, "reusable nappies, ointments, baby clothes, nutritious food supplements and feminine hygiene goods" as well as a place to discuss concerns and support each other in a gospel-centered environment.   Food and clothing for the new mother and baby may be provided as well.

Thousands of poor families across Eastern Europe receive high quality seeds and training to grow their own gardens.  By growing their own food, families become more self sufficient and can sell excess produce for income.  The seeds are given to the neediest of families, many who are dependent on their own food production for survival.

"The vegetables provided such a good yield that we had enough for the summer and autumn.  We even have potatoes for the entire winter..this was an enormous help to our family.”
                                                                                                  Mrs. F  

"Because of their deep poverty, so many families across Eastern Europe suffer hopelessness as well as hunger. They are under constant stress with no work, no money and no future. That's why our 'Seeds of Hope' boxes are crucial – they grow food and they help families plant their way out of poverty to have a hopeful, sustainable future."  
                                                                                                   David Hardisty, MWB UK
"It's more than just a pig! Giving a pig means you're giving families and orphanages the opportunity to develop skills in animal husbandry; to gain an income by selling the piglets and to have essential food".

Other gifts can be viewed/purchased at the 

Mission Without Borders website.  

Canadian website 

UK website

or call 800-245-9191 (US only)

Whatever you choose to do or give this holiday season, consider this:  Many gifts get put in the closet, regifted. or broken within a few months.  Give of yourself and invest in something that will last a lifetime (or generations!)

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

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