Thursday, October 25, 2012

AAA to the rescue!

I found this old article on one of my abandoned blogs.  I still believe firmly in being a member of AAA if you own a car..

Normally, when I talk of frugal living, I usually try to find ways not to spend money (cut expenses) and/or increase income (extra shifts, sell online,etc).  Typically I am not one with money to invest.  There is one "investment" I have made the last 4 years that has consistently paid off.

AAA membership starts at just $49 a year.  I've upgraded to "premier" benefits for just $29/year more.  That's less than $7 a month to have someone available to change your tire, charge/replace your battery, unlock your car when you leave the keys in the ignition, etc.

No not those Rescue Rangers!

Today I was guilty of the latter.  Community group from church was preparing a meal for Jeff Street Baptist Center.  I arrived and locked my keys in the car.  I was on the phone immediately.  The Rescue Ranger truck arrived in less than 20 minutes! 5 minutes later, my keys retrieved, and I was singing their praises to everyone.

I have locked myself out only once before.  That time I didn't have AAA and had to write a $55 check on the spot!  One tow or lockout makes the entire membership fee worthwhile.  Also they offer 5-20% off hotel rates.  Many hotels now are requesting the AAA number to get the discount- no more cheating!

Yes, I have friends I can call in a true emergency..but many have kids and if I'm coming to/from work at late night/early morning and have a car issue do I really want to be that friend?  If you have an older car or live alone, AAA is especially valuable.  And, of course, you can never put a price tag on peace of mind.

Sorry for the proselytizing.  But I am a big believer in small investments that pay off big!

Are you a member of AAA?  Have you ever locked yourself out of your car?

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