Sunday, September 25, 2016

Awesome freebies for your birthday!

Child blowing out candles on a vegan tart (7843233606)This week is my birthday week. Birthdays are awesome at any age but even as you get older you can celebrate-by eating out for free! A couple of years ago I signed up for a number of "birthday clubs" and thought I'd share some with you!

Steak and Shake offers a free double Steakburger and fries for your birthday! By joining their e-club you'll get an email a couple of weeks before your special day with this offer! You can sign up here!

IHOP offers a full a FREE full stack of their famous Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® Pancakes for your birthday! You also get this special free meal offer right away (just for signing up for their eclub) and on the anniversary of your e-club membership. You can check out this offer here!

Birthday Cake Candles

Sign up for the Arby's e-club and you'll immediately get a coupon for a free roast beef sandwich with the purchase of a soft drink. I just received an email for a free small shake on my birthday as well!

Texas Roadhouse sent a birthday coupon for a free side order of ribs or a free appetizer. They also regularly send coupons and special offers right to my inbox! You can join their e-club here!

What other restaurants offer free food/discounts for birthdays?  Let me know- I'll probably sign up!

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Free 30 Day Trial for Amazon Prime!

In late August, I "downsized" to an efficiency apartment which has met my needs pretty well so far. But, like any move, there was a lot of additional expenses related to moving and preparing for the move. A new bed, air purifier and fans (no central air), new storage containers, wire racks, and a bakers rack (cabinet space was lacking). But the rent is $60 less a month and all utilities are included. Making these needed purchases (driving all over town during my sleep time- I work at nights) would have been a nightmare. Thankfully, in July I signed up for an Amazon Prime membership.

Personally, the best benefit was being able to select what I needed, pay online, and have it shipped to my door in 2 days for free!  Prime membership includes free 2 day shipping on millions of items.  There were several times when I got the delivery the next day!  My first purchase my my new bed.  I selected a Zinus memory foam mattress along with a metal platform bed frame.  The shipping on this alone was going to be $23 for the mattress.  It was free with Amazon Prime!  Multiply this times the 20 or so items I purchased for the new apartment and the move and the Amazon Prime membership has already paid for itself!

But wait, there's more!  Included with Prime membership are millions of songs, albums, playlists, and Prime music stations.  Many songs and playlists can be downloaded to your Amazon Fire for playing even when offline!  This is a plus as I don't have internet at home.  I can also stream or download thousands of TV shows and movies to my Fire tablet for free!

Now, Prime members in 27 major cities receive FREE Same-Day Delivery on qualifying orders over $35!  The prices on most items are equal to or lower than national chains, free delivery to your door, the convenience of ordering online 24x7 and now same day delivery?  I can't think of any reason to NOT join Amazon Prime.

I admit the $99 price tag was a bit much for me (at first).  Will I use it enough?  Will it be worth the price tag?  So here's an idea.   TRY Amazon Prime absolutely free for 30 days.  No cost.  No obligation.  If it doesn't work for you, just cancel and nothing will be charged to your card (I tried this and nothing was charged!)  You have nothing to lose (and a lot of free shipping to take advantage of for the 30 day trial!).  Just click the box below and sign up for a free 30 day trial!  

I do receive a small payment for each free trial.  As you may know I am planning on visiting Albania this January to visit my sponsored child there.  I set these Amazon bounties aside and use them to help the families and children I help there through World Vision and Mission Without Borders.  Every bit helps!  

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Amazon Fire Tablet Giveaway!

It's that time of year! Well almost. There are 97 days until Christmas! Which is all too soon if you are a parent. But it is an eternity away if you are a child. But it's just right for groups like Mission Without Borders who will soon be raising money and putting together Christmas boxes and gifts for children and families that they serve. I wanted to start early as well. The last 2 years I have given away an Amazon Fire Tablet to one lucky winner and this year that winner will be chosen on Christmas Eve! I wanted to start a bit earlier this year so that I could share (and you can help me share) all the good stories from the #giveabackpack campaign and the upcoming Operation Christmas Love campaign that benefits children, needy families, the elderly, and destitute in Eastern Europe.

I can't say enough about my Amazon Fire tablet! I am able to take short videos, upload to the cloud (with Amazon Prime membership), take pictures, connect to the internet, read my Kindle books, AND watch thousands of free shows and movies (as well as music and playlists). This device is also extremely affordable at just $49.99. Add an Amazon Prime membership for just $99 a year and who needs TV or cable? I am very pleased with this small purchase. The original intent was to have a lightweight camera for my upcoming trip to Albania. Now I have a video and still camera and tons of storage (with an optional SD card). All of this and an Albanian and Italian phrase book (on Kindle) in the palm of my hand! If you don't have one yet, you can WIN one here! You can enter everyday. More entry methods will be added as stories come back about Operation Christmas Love and how the #giveabackpack has helped children succeed in school.

Now for the giveaway!

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